Promises, promises

So the end of term has been and gone.

We’re firmly in the middle of school holidays. Not that we’ve seen much of that. Evie has had a couple of horrid infections that she only now seems able to shake off with stronger medicine. I confess that I have been worried about her, for two weeks she’s barely eaten, had crazily high temps of 40 degrees, sickness and lethargy. Evie even refused chocolate cake…that isn’t Evie.

That means that everything else has gone on hold, housework, paperwork (the draft education and health care plan is waving at me from the corner!) and let’s not talk about the state of the garden. Needs must and I can catch up when she’s all better. Some things are far more important.

I had planned at the start of summer to do an hour of work with each of the girls every day. Whether it be reading or writing, but something structured. That hasn’t happened until today.

Evie’s lovely 1:1 had popped over her school books at the end of term. Today I’ve managed to read through them with her, her maths and English, the paintings that she’s done.

I left the Religious Education one until last. I shall now tell you a secret. At high school I managed to accumulate just under 100% in my RE tests. Well…100% if you added up three years worth of exams together. Ok ok – what I mean is that I averaged 33% in each exam. 😳

I confess that I didn’t study much for RE. I didn’t pay much attention in class to the abject horror of my mum, a former Sunday School teacher. I preferred the more academic subjects, Mathematics, English, French, German, Latin, Chemistry (but not Physics nor Biology!). So in terms of studying for RE exams, well umm I didn’t study much.

So today old habits clearly die hard and I read Evie’s RE book last. I’m glad that I did. This book is so utterly delightful that I have cried tears of joy. Of love.

Evie loves me. It’s throughout this book. Now I’ve always known that she loves me, as much as I love her; but when you see it written down in this form well you’ll hopefully see what I mean and why I’ve cried…

So in her book it explains that her class have been discussing God’s Promise to Noah. That Noah was obedient, trusted his God and listened to what he asked him to do. Her class discussed the importance of making and keeping promises.

Evie drew a picture of a rainbow…rather wonky but perfect in every way.

And underneath –

My promise to Mum.

I promise to be really good.

Why is your promise important to you?

It will make Mum happy.”

Yes my little one it will. But you already make me happy. You are already good to your very core.

These little words made me cry. She was so proud as she showed me her work. Such power in such a few words. Her love for me and pride in her work shone through as she sat next to me. It’s not what she promised so much, it’s more that Evie knew what it meant to me.

I then showed Evie her Bible given to her at her Christening. I confess it was the first time that I’ve ever done so. As I opened it a note fell out, a note written by my Mum for Evie on her Christening Day. My mum died nearly 5 years ago (where did that time go 😔) and it’s been a while since I’ve seen her handwriting. Seeing her script in such a place, when discussing such things made this much more special. I’m not a major believer in God but my Mum was.
My promise to you Evie is to give you space to learn, room to grow, freedom to live and love.
I will stand by your side for as long as you need me, I will teach and guide you, always listen to you and continue to learn from you.

I promise you all of this little one.

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