Sensory seeking and Chewelery

I’ve blogged before about Evie’s habit of chewing…

It’s an ongoing thing for her. Evie has Sensory Processing Disorder. Her chewing is one of her ways of processing information and making sense of textures and the world around her. This post is unlikely to interest most people but those whose kids love to chew and lick read on!

Over the last few years I’ve bought many different chews and sensory toys for Evie. We have a box of bouncy spiky balls, wheat bags, disco lights, tanglers and my personal favourite her dance sack.

Now chewing wise Evie’s a tad destructive. Poor old Woody from Toy Story still has one finger left and Jessie is suffering the same fate. Evie has discovered that the Paddington Bear she so desperately wanted for Christmas, has the best Wellington boots for chewing. Woody’s hat has been long since relegated to the bin for the same reason.

Whenever we buy toys we do haven’t consider how “chewable” they are. Evie is also prone to choking too, as she has narrow airways.

Over the years I’ve discovered some great products that help to satisfy Evie’s need to chew.

A while ago I encountered a lovely lady on twitter (@LittleGnashers) who was selling chewelery (think chewable jewellery). Now this is a fab marketplace for those with teething babies. After having a chat with her she kindly sent Evie a bracelet. I was concerned with the necklaces that Evie would be able to chew through them and that they were big enough to get stuck in her mouth so elected for this. And it is fabulous! The lovely Vic explained to me how durable the chewelery is. Now knowing Evie’s propensity to destroy, I’ll admit to scepticism but I am happily wrong.

The bracelet is tactile so she uses it as tangler (fidget toy) as well as being happy to chew on it. It looks cute too.

When you consider the other products that I’ve bought for her, well, they look like dog chews in comparison. Now I don’t mind Evie chewing at all, but I really don’t want to get into a chat with a complete stranger as to why my daughter has a dog chew toy. (It’s happened, people are Judgey McJudgey and when I’m popping to get milk I don’t fancy a full blown defence and explanation – thanks muchly).

*ahem* I did tell a friend yesterday that I was getting more cantankerous…😳

Anyway…the bracelet is so durable…I’m seriously impressed. No marks from teeth on it yet and we’ve had it for months!

Sadly we’ve had to bin a couple of chews recently – Sophie Giraffe had her head chewed off and the red super chew knobby (yes that is really what its product name is! 😂) broke from overly aggressive chewing.

There are loads of different options out there but this one…this one is without doubt the best that we’ve tried! Take a look at her etsy shop here for various chewelery items and message to enquire about the fabulous bracelets.
@LittleGnashers – twitter

3 thoughts on “Sensory seeking and Chewelery

  1. Hi there, I was so interested to read this as my Ezra age 4 has the same issues but nobody has provided a label for it. Ezra chews just about everything, including our wooden tv cabinet which we had to screw a hard plastic electric cable boxing on just to put him off!
    He loves a nerf bullet or anything foamy, toys, cardboard, paper the list is endless!!
    It’s taken us to A and E once because he was violently sick and unable to eat or drink…… several x rays later ?? Cause unknown but very constipated so several sachets of dynamite later he passed the foam end of a shuttlecock!! I s**t you not !!!!
    This was the wake up call that made me realise this is dangerous condition whatever it is……this could have perforated his bowel and killed him. Even in A and E the dr was like well don’t you watch him!!!!
    FFS….I had to stop myself from slapping her, yes love I do monitor him as much as having 3 kids allows but you have no idea how my beautiful son with Down’s syndrome has the ability to get himself into mischief/danger no matter how much I try to keep him safe.

    Anyway I got a diagnosis of pica, but no professional input at all.

    I too like you have tried lots of chewlery and found his favourite to be the red knobby key thing. He won’t entertain any other one and I think it’s because he can get it right in between his molars at the side and chew away. I can often hear the slapping of lips and squeak of the thing being used lol

    He is about to start school in September which will be interesting…….so many new things to knaw and eat.

    Anyway I gotta run as it’s bath time where mummy keeps hold of the sponge tightly !!!

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  2. Interesting.Pearl has recently gone back to mouthing everything, partly for attention and as a joke, but I’m sure there is an element of sensation seeking too.I wonder if I should get her a bag of things that are good to chew and mouth.Maybe she has sensation changes in her mouth and her speech will benefit?!I am in fact thinking aloud and don’t expect you to answer!Going to explore this.And by the way I am getting so much more cantankerous with age I can’t begin to tell you-can you hear me over there when the news is on?!

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